I have moved platform!

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With the last URL change I did, I thought “this is it, I am finally happy with it all” – I was so wrong. The truth is I have been unhappy with the wordpress platform for so long. No themes or templates would fit and I would receive notification of all these people liking my post and following my blog but it would not show in my stats.

I have now moved to blogger where I am much more happier~ I had to change the url since Sun on Edge wasn’t available. THIS is the last change.


I HAVE MOVED TO -> http://thegirlonedge.blogspot.co.uk



Bath Part II

Time for another picture dump from Bath, and this time not too long ago since last post. I am posting the pictures according to how we actually walked our way though the city. So from The Circus we went to the Royal Crescent which lies right next to it. Then we walked down the Royal Victoria park, to a obelisk monument, before we turned our nice back towards the city.

On our way though the park I chased some squirrels on the hunt for the perfect pictures, they where quite friendly! But that little event will get a post of it own~ On our way back to the heart of the city we passed a Georgian garden. A bit sad that we weren’t there at a time when the flowers actually bloomed – but it was still beautiful, and the plants had such creative names. Well, enjoy~

F R O M   T H E   R O Y A L   C R E S C E N T . . . 

 . . . T O   T H E   G E O R G I A N   G A R D E N .

09feb_201 09feb_202 09feb_203 09feb_204 09feb_205 09feb_206 09feb_207 09feb_208 09feb_209 09feb_210 09feb_211 09feb_212 09feb_213 09feb_214 09feb_215 09feb_216 09feb_217 09feb_218 09feb_219 09feb_220

What do you think of Bath so far? ^^

X X O X X   ( [ ] u [ ] ) y ~

Instagram of Moments 5


F R O M   Q U O T E S   A N D   S N O W . . .

. . . T O    L U S H   A N D    F R I E N D S ~


1. Ever felt like you where rushing, but never got ahead of the game?
2. Didn't get any snow in Norway, but got it when returning to UK.


3. Feeling artistic? 
4. Always too long time between playing this game.


5. I forgot this one in Norway ;( Skyping with M and he didn't want me to be alone while waiting for him to go get something :)
6. Lazy and comfy sunday in my fav furry sweater and a cup of tea


7. Looking forward to a reunion with my friends :)
8. More snooow~


9. And more of a snow-covered Wolverhampton ~
10. Dinner at Shirley, was so great :D


11. Addicted to these kind of lamps, from InteriorsUK 13
12. Been missing putting on make-up while watching the sunrise.


13. Rustic cool lamp at InteriorsUK 13 :)
14. Following the instructions on my new box of toothpaste tablets from lush <3


15. A bag of love, been spoiling myself a little.
16. Hanging with amazing people all day is wonderful. Me and Ali at Madame Clarks~

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Bath Part I

It is finally time to post some pictures from the trip to Bath last weekend. I have been dreading to start editing these, because I took around 400 pictures on that trip! But hey, they hardly needed editing, Bath is such a beautiful city!

There is a bit much black and white pictures, but Bath is the kind of historical place that fits it. I am also a bit over the top interested in architecture as you may notice. The is a lot of Georgian architecture in Bath, like the Circus and the Royal Crescent, and it is so beautiful. You can feel the history in the streets.

N o w   o n   t o   t h  e  p i c t u r e s ~

09feb_01 09feb_02 09feb_03 09feb_04 09feb_05 09feb_06 09feb_07 09feb_08 09feb_09 09feb_10 09feb_11 09feb_12 09feb_13 09feb_14 09feb_15 09feb_16 09feb_17

The last pictures here are from The Circus, which is rounded buildings forming a circle. It is really magnificent and I can’t help but wonder how the floor plans of these buildings look. And I just love the big old threes in the centre. From here we walked to the Royal crescent and though the park, where I chased squirrels and we popped by a Georgian garden. Nothing really bloomed but it was fun to see all the names!

Well, that will be in the next update :)

X X X X X   ( [ ] u  [ ] ) y ~ 

And I need to stop seeing blogging as a choir as its something I actually enjoy to do. (it is just that editing part, urgh)

Messy work



I always tidy up and organize my stuff before I start working, but during work it always end up looking pretty messy. This is how I work. Not really, but I need to make technical sketches. Actually pretty good having a break from working in the screen constantly.

Just wanted to try to blog from my phone :)

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I love dogs.

12feb_01 12feb_02 12feb_03 12feb_04 12feb_05

These photos don’t do my hairdo any justice, but to tired to redo them. By the way; my door isn’t skew, it is bended. And I should have been in my bed, reading, listening to music and getting comfy&tired. Just couldn’t do that without sharing my love for my to rarely used dog-shirt.

(i bet you read dog shit, didn’t you)

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Instagram of Moments 4

F R O M   L O V E L Y   D A Y S   I N   T R O N D H E I M . . .

. . . T O   R E T U R N I N G   T O   U K . 


1. Found this cute iPhone case in Trondheim~
2. And my beloved beanie (I use it soooo much lately)


3. Awesome book column at Volt at Sirkus Shopping
4. Lovely shop interior at Rom For Alle.


5. Woorking on Major project during vacation is HARD.
6. M tricked me with having school, actually went to buy me roses!


7. Celebrating Major Project first assessment hand-in :)
8. Beautiful bracelets from Glitter spotted during shopping.


9. Gaming and realising I'll miss Skyrim when returning to UK (I SO DOOO!)
10. Blooming roses, so beautiful.


11. Go-Kart with M~!
12. Me in Go-Kart gear :)


13. After Go-Kart M learned me to play pool.
14. Leaving my heart, returning to UK :(


15. Interesting opening times at M&S at the airport.
16. Cheddar - A must-have when returning to UK.

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